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Breaking The MouldPosted by Mondy Holliday Sun, August 10, 2014 09:16:59

I got rejected, how dare they! They are obviously were the wrong type of publisher not understanding my genre. Sigh I’ll just send it to another...

But hey what is that I feel? My bottom lip is sticking out, everything is an effort, everyone is against me, I’m no good, maybe I should jump ship and go back to doing what I know I am very good at. No-one understands writers!

Oh I have received rejection letters plentiful but this one I was sure was that undiscovered gem. It has wit, it is informative, it has balance, intrigue, its freaking good, what did they not get about it? They obviously had issues of their own and are projecting it…..

Amazing how in this technical age rejections still come by snail mail! I read the line ‘Thank you for your submission… but at this moment we will not be looking to take your submission further..’ The letter was torn and thrown across the room. I cried, I sobbed, the family was not going to get fed, the dog looked at me strangely, the cat cuddled me, I threw my mouse against the wall (it broke)… anger bubbled…..

Then the voice of reason arrived home, picked up the quartered letter read it and packed up laughing… now I could really tell you what I said but lets just describe it as *”£&^$-@ff”. He laughed even more, door slammed, house rattled, I sobbed some more!

Finally I emerged and the letter was stuck together, with a note underneath that read…… I told you to use Spell Check, the first time I read it!

I sheepishly sat down to a prepared microwave fish dinner with a glass of wine.. And nothing was said of it ever again.. I am not partial to fish never-mind TV dinners, but the wine and the laughter that followed is a different story!

Had I read further I would’ve noted they suggested getting my work edited and/or proof read before any further submission…….

My work had been rejected because of bad spelling and incorrect format.

How much of an idiot do I feel?

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Comfort Blanket Loss

Breaking The MouldPosted by Mondy Holliday Thu, July 17, 2014 21:07:28

The last six months have been a soul searching and wrenching journey for me.... yawn!! now coming out the other side things do appear brighter albeit I am more sceptical but I sure as hell know what I don’t want...

Oh please this is nothing to do with romance but rather more to do with the line individuals draw between colleagues, acquaintances and friends!..

Gosh…I know I have been away a few days but really you've forgotten already I don’t do my laundry here. Tsk tsk I'll forgive you this time...smiley

Anyhow back to my story.... this week I have done two things that six months ago I would never have dreamed of doing because simply social and/or professional prejudice.

So first thing is I expressed my disappointment to someone for the choice they have made and suggested an alternative. Honestly I think I scared them off but evenso I have decided to pursue my suggested alternative.

Second thing... A rather interesting looking person with gentle eyes and an enchanting smile simply made me feel so happy. I have no idea who they were but they brought immense joy to me for a while, so I gave them my card telling them so.

I do think they fell over backwards and then pooh-paah'd the whole encounter but all I wanted was for them to know that they had a happy smile...

So very much like writing - our best only emerges when we let go of our comfort blanket and throw it out there... Oh consequence is not immediate or always a success but what it is an indicator that things do and can change with a little effort….

Take the risk its worth it!!

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House On Stilts

Breaking The MouldPosted by Mondy Holliday Mon, June 30, 2014 22:54:59
So.... Mr Client loved the story but my youngest critic aka my 9 - nearly 10 year old son said..." Well's like (DOH!!) OK I suppose" Phew!! at least he hasn't reached the ' Whatever I have tooooo stage yet! about an hour later he says "but don't you think you could've made it better with fighting, explosions and stuff?" I suppose trying to explain that annihilating humanity was not the purpose of the story....

So not everyone likes what we write, so what!! When I think of the story and how the words were originally strung together it was memorable in itself.

When I had my first idea to write to be published I was the wee age of 12 nearly 13. My teacher told me always start by writing about what you know! This means to draw in your own experiences and then embellish on that before publishing. I, recall at the time thinking, what tripe, that is what teachers are told to say!

I suppose my reluctance in taking this advice on board was the fault of my Art teacher, Mr Thompson, who when he said draw a house I drew a house on stilts in the water. apparently that was not a house! I was chastised and given a detention for insubordination! So when Miss English teacher shared her wisdom I thought " Yawn, no wonder so many of us loathed the idea of english classes at school

My first rejection came when I wrote what I thought people would like... needless so did the second third fourth and the umpteenth. Finally after the 28th rejection letter I decided to let the editor know why their rejection was wrong and why they should actually publish my article..... The response was.. "Why wasn't your article as passionate as your letter?...if it were I'd have no problem publishing it!

Hmmmmm did someone say something like that to me before? I am good dammit !!! I knew I was! I must be having a run-off bad luck with editors and publishers.
So being the direct person I was I called this editor and asked how they could be so offensive ... she laughed at me ... and said show me who you really are not who want people to believe you are!

I did just that .... I wrote about what I knew ...ME ! it was passionate, it was revealing It was full of life..... The editor published my instead of the original commission under the title of Breaking The Mould...

So my English teacher had a point.. from that day on I have researched or studied and become proficient in what I am writing about before i write anything.. my practical research has been strange at times; not too mention the skills, proficiency certificates for things like flower arranging to hostage negotiation 101, or crystal making to victorian art techniques.....

From that Eureaka moment .... One out of every three of my masterpieces has been published.. there is nothing better in this world than seeing your work in print - whether in just a presentation or that novel on your 'bucket list!!!

Am I wrong?

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Deadline Fantastic

Breaking The MouldPosted by Mondy Holliday Sun, June 29, 2014 16:04:42
Yesterday was an odd day but its outcome was fantastic, probably not the right way to describe it but really who cares I feel it was fantastic!!

Albeit I did not get any sleep last night I feel that was the right use of the word!

I could quote Latin, Afrikaans and almost any other language that says seize the moment blah blah... I did.. it was fantastic ...!!!

I decided to see if that same approach would help with a story I have been commissioned to write.. I was having too much of a fantastic time to actually knuckle down and write the story..

So i started, wiggled in my chair, rearranged the stationery i would not use, check my bids... and after finding no more excuses I started.. "One fine day" ...its lame but it sounded better than "Once A upon a Time..." and the diatribe that followed was ridiculously stupid...

So much for seizing the moment leading to a fantastic moment..but I had less than 24 hours to produce 2000 words.. so I had to work with what i had..

And that i did...within two hours i had created a fantastic masterpiece....the client will love it!!

So that out of the way I am thinking is it really seizing the moment that leads to success or is it the fear of failure that results in fantastic...?

Again everyone of us has our own agenda and unique way in handling the stress of deadline. Me.... I giggle, talk loud and then become very quiet and then you will not hear from me until I've beat that deadline

In very much the same way today's blog is forming as I go..I think all our writing is best when we understand the boundaries and how you react under stress to those that will help you avoid angry writer syndrome and rather just be fantastic!!

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Breaking The MouldPosted by Mondy Holliday Fri, June 27, 2014 13:44:40
Oh My Days!! heheh that I find so funny..., but more so because it brings back a memory of a darling no he is not you know dead or anything like that, he is just a wonderful family friend who is a positive influence on everyone he meets.

Anyhow Oh My Days! I did get down to writing and yes it was exactly what I feared..And no it was nothing to do with my love sad do you think I am! It was, it was.... it just was...!

I did it, I sat down, got comfy, re-arranged the stationery, i never used and and.. wrote and wrote...But really just looking over it I must honestly say this must be possibly the best thing i have written in ages.

So is it really ...what we fear that becomes the key that opens that proverbial door?

I know it will not be published, it was never meant for that, but it cleared my head and my soul and the door was open.

And now .....I've ignored the doorbell twice; the bedlinen is piled in front of the machine, the dog has had too many treats and me .. well me-myself-and-i am writing again with more vigour and imagination than I've had in a few years.

I faced the block and it crumbled..I am invincible!!! So yes.....what I feared that was the key that opened that door!!!

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In the Beginning.....

Breaking The MouldPosted by Mondy Holliday Thu, June 26, 2014 22:21:23
They say you learn something everyday! So in essence I should be, so far this week, a 5th more knowledgeable than I was last week.... UH I am not.. well at least I don't think so .... what I do know is that I have procrastinated, I have reasons but, but those reasons are just excuses really....big fat excuses.... so have i really learnt anything .. apparently so..

Think about it.. you need to write that report, do that presentation ready for that meeting in two weeks, yes way in the future; but no you leave it to the day before or even maybe hours before... why?

Who knows, except you... but that is procrastination... and that is the reason I have not worked the plot, embellished the character blah blah...sigh....give me strength!

I know that as soon as I write the first few lines nothing will stop me , in fact no-one will get dinner, dogs will not get fed.......So why don't I get is simple just sit, do a comfy wiggle, arrange the stationery i will not need, check how my bids are doing.... oh dear was that the door bell... hmm whilst I am out of my space let me just put the washing on..... and.. and....

I am really a very disciplined person.. but knowing the depth and intensity of what I need to write about is making me just really good at housekeeping as I procrastinate about facing the inevitable!

Writing, regardless of what we are writing, is simply a reflection of our feelings, experiences, ideals and needs... Am I wrong? No, of course not! I am just worried how i will feel once it is done..

So as I now realise this will I get going ....hmmm in a bit ....:)

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